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Changzhou Sanme Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful south of Yangtze River - Xueyan Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Pan, and the famous Wuxi, Yixing City, adjacent to fresh and elegant environment, convenient transportation.

Our factory was established in March of 1996, Department of individual enterprises and existing workers more than 60 people, plant area of 6000 square meters. And in 2014 passed the IS09001-2000 quality system certification.

Weare one of the leading manufacturer of big casting parts and forging parts and fabricated parts in China. The weightest steel carting parts can be 20tons, and the weightest foring parts can be 15tons.

The main production equipment 3 × 10 meters CNC gantry milling machine, one Taiwan; 2.5 × 4 five-sided machining centers, one Taiwan; 8 meters CNC vertical lathe 1; 3.5 m CNC, general vertical lathe each one; 2.5 m CNC Vertical Lathe four; 1.6 meters in four CNC vertical lathe; NC sleeper KC6100, KC6185, KC6160, CKD61190L each one; Digital milling machine 611D one; Radial drilling five, including one Z3032, Z3080, Z30100 the two sets; CNC plasma cutting machine 1; Semi-automatic gas shielded welding machine 3 sets. Meanwhile, our factory also has trained full-time quality control personnel, regular submission of advanced measuring instruments, including magnetic and UT flaw detector, hardness tester, roughness tester and a specially for the German Mar calibration micrometer in diameter, caliper.

To meet different customer needs, our factory is equipped with spray paint spray devices such as housing and cleaning, the workpiece can be high pressure and general spraying, and with a thickness, designated cell meter testing equipment such as film, may at any time of the spraying parts The paint condition was detected.

At present, our main Sandvik Mining and Construction (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Turbine Works, Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant and other famous enterprises home and abroad to do complete processing. Processing machine has a broken upper and lower shell, cone, sleeve, cylinder, cylinder head, wheel, bearing, flywheel and motor base, cover, insulated cover and a variety of forged end and turbine blades, steam seal ring, diaphragm, flange, and a variety of high-precision shafts and various requirements of construction machinery and high precision parts.

Steel members in recent years of new projects, for which we have devoted a lot of energy, including plant and equipment investment, personnel training, our principle is do not do already, do it well. Now, from the cutting, correction, grinding, assembly, welding to welding, from the annealing, shot blasting to painting, from rough to finish machining is completed, we can train to do down. This is where we not only focus on the overall final product inspection, and process to keep track of the whole process. Did the problem nipped in the bud, to make the product manufacturing quality meets the customer requirements.

Our philosophy is: Heavy Snow and trustworthy and mutually beneficial and win-win.

Our business policy is: Strengthen ourselves to focus on manageme, Raise the efficiency of the quality, The first time for Europe and the United States compete.

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